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Online Contest Strategies for Winning Schools

Everyone likes to win; it’s so much better than the alternative. Contests provide us with winning opportunities that don’t require too much effort. They offer all of the hopeful anticipation and feeling of delight without the struggle. Contests are … [Read More...]

Manufacturing & Distribution

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The Craft of Checklists Pt. 2: Putting It Into Practice

Our last blog post discussed the importance of using checklists to avoid making mistakes. These lists can be used for your personal life, but are especially important in the workplace and when posting online content. The key to a successful … [Read More...]

Retail & Services

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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Instagram was off to a great start late last month with their latest update allowing users to add multiple accounts on a single device. The Facebook owned company announced shortly after, that they were going to be making a similar change to … [Read More...]

Hotels & Travel

Digital Marketing Strategies for Hoteliers

Friends Don’t Let Friends Content Market Without a Plan

The buzzword term ‘content marketing’ seems to follow me wherever I go online. It’s in my LinkedIn feed. It crops up in podcasts, and even finds its way onto Pinterest. Yet, what does it actually mean? And, how can content marketing help your hotel … [Read More...]