Our 18th Birthday!

ThinkProfits.com logo circa 2003

Wow how time flies! Hard to believe that it was 18 years ago that I incorporated Think Profits.com. Some history for you. The business actually started as a completed business plan I wrote over November and December of 96 through a Douglas College Entrepreneurial Program called SEEDS. January I closed the contract for funding with the Royal Bank with a signed work contract from ... [Continue Reading]

Finding Hope for the Future in Search

Google neural network teaches itself to identify cats

TED’s 30th anniversary has brought its conferences to our beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, setting the stage for what organizers believe to be a venue that can do even more to inspire creative thinking, dynamic ideas, and conversations among local communities. One of those talks recently hosted Google CEO, Larry Page in an on-stage interview with veteran TV newsman and ... [Continue Reading]

Paid “versus” Organic Placements – Debunking a Common Misconception

Paid or Organic? Try using both!

When we talk to our clients about organic and paid search advertising, we often get asked “Which one should we choose?” or “Which one is better?” This is a bit of an unfair question, as they are both two completely different pieces of property. It’s a common misconception to pit paid advertising and organic advertising against each other, when in truth – they actually complement each other ... [Continue Reading]

You get what you pay for…

There will always be someone who says that they can do it cheaper... But at what cost?

Who agrees with me? Our Pegasus tattoo friend above should have taken a look at a few other tattoo parlors before he jumped to the cheapest option. After all, “you get what you pay for.” Lately in digital marketing, many agencies and internet marketing specialists have been asked to build a web marketing strategy that doesn’t only provide amazing results on all the major search engines but ... [Continue Reading]

Cultivating your Client Database


One of the greatest ways to increase revenue within your business is to reach out to your existing client database. Your clients take the least amount of convincing when it comes to getting them to choose your company over the competition. They’ve worked with you before and know that you can deliver on promises. Sure, some may call you wanting to know more about the newest products and services ... [Continue Reading]

Think Innovation

Think Innovation

Yesterday was like a scene out of “A Beautiful Mind” as we completely dissected our company’s “Blueprint for Success” to give it a new and improved overhaul. There’s something indescribably satisfying about redecorating the company boardroom with blueprints. Maybe it was the combined collaboration from every department, or the creative ideas that everyone presented. Or perhaps it was those ... [Continue Reading]

Showcasing Our Agency!

We've made some significant changes to our “About Us” page recently and we want to make sure you know about it! The new and improved page embodies everything we do as a company perfectly - from the individual staff members who work so hard every day to the services we offer, the awards we've earned, our social media activity, and our ongoing support for the community we’re blessed to be a part of. ... [Continue Reading]

Reality Check for Website Redesign

How can an older site maintain its ranking over time

If you feel like your website has lost its appeal, it most likely already has. Website owners who’ve had the privilege and bragging rights from top page ranking over the years have felt the same pinch regardless of the industry they’re in. Are you one of those website owners? Have you wondered why your page rank is falling while nothing has changed on your website – for years? Once upon a ... [Continue Reading]

Enabling Demographics and Interests Reports from Google Analytics

Demographics: Age Metric

Get to know your audience and target market on a regular basis as part of your marketing strategy Understanding your target market is part of a healthy and comprehensive marketing strategy. It helps us here at ThinkProfits.com build for you an entirely unique user experience from your website that attracts the very people you wish to reach in your messaging. It gives us valuable insights into ... [Continue Reading]

Social Media is the New Black

Social Media is the new Link Building Strategy

The following is an excerpt from Timothy Serrano's presentation for the Association of Integrated Marketers, British Columbia luncheon on More Leads or Better Quality Leads? How to Get What You Want – Learn how to effectively generate the right leads and create successful results by using SEO, PPC, online content and email. When: Thursday, January 16th, 2014 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM PST. Where: Four ... [Continue Reading]