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Three Things Good Developers Must Know

It appeared on every major news channel worldwide: Google pays Apple a billion dollars. Well, it wasn't as shady as it sounds. There was no midnight parking lot meeting and no large manila envelope was handed over. Google simply offered Apple a … [Read More...]

Manufacturing & Distribution

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Three Things Manufacturers Need To Watch Out For In 2016

Since everyone is dialing down for the impending holiday season, we figured that it would be a good time to lay out three important trends you’ll see evolve in 2016, and because it’s almost Christmas we’ll throw in another one for free. Automation … [Read More...]

Retail & Services

Getting a Taste for Social Media Integration

Getting a Taste for Social Media Integration

Eating out is a wonderful indulgence. No prep time. No dishes. Instead, the pleasure of being waited on in warm and inviting surroundings, free from household mess. At this time of year, people are primed for this indulgence. New Year’s resolutions … [Read More...]

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Data Mining With Twitter

Using Twitter to Mine Data & Understand Your Guests

An Example in How Data Mining Really Works Data mining, it has connotations of unmarked white vans and NSA agents listening in on your phone call to your mum. In other words it's creepy. But unlike that weird man on the train who just won’t stop … [Read More...]