Summer's Over and It's Time For Social Media

Four Ways To Keep Your Social Media Strategy Relevant Now That Summer Is Over

School's back for the year, and now is the time to clean up your social media accounts. Yes, the rush of a new school year might have you facing a full plate, but before you know it it'll be December and nothing will have happened. Now that … [Read More...]

Manufacturing & Distribution

Trees need an email address

Here’s an Interesting Idea: Trees Need an Email Address

That’s what the City of Melbourne did. It wasn’t even a clueless IT person who failed to understand the central concept of what emailing entails. Instead, I found that the email addresses were very much an intentional choice. At first, I was … [Read More...]

Retail & Services

Penguin Update

Real Time Penguin Update: Three Things Retailers Need To Know

In 2014, Penguin came out and links became a big deal again. As part of Google's attempt to fight web spam, websites were punished for having too many low quality links. Even now, a year or so later, they are still tinkering with the update. In fact, … [Read More...]

Hotels & Travel

Digital Hotel Trends

Four Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss

The Rise of Instagram: Moving Beyond AdWords More peripheral advertising platforms like AdRoll, Twitter Ads and even Instagram’s new ad service all have large audiences at their disposal and are less competitive (especially in the case of … [Read More...]