Snapchat for Educational Institutions

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them While Snapchat has existed for a few years, it is only the last year that brands have begun to use the platform to their advantage. For those who do not know, Snapchat is a video/messaging app that allows the … [Read More...]

Manufacturing & Distribution


Fort McMurray Wildfire – A Nation Comes Together

While many people in Vancouver may be rejoicing at the idea of unseasonably hot weather, the residents of Northern Alberta and British Columbia are praying for rain. While dozens of fires are burning along the Alberta/BC border, the city of Fort … [Read More...]

Retail & Services


When Google Makes a Mistake

What do you do when Google is wrong? This is a question that has plagued one man in Northern British Columbia for over two years. On June 9, CBC Daybreak North aired a story about Pete Stoner, who owns a ranch in Northern British Columbia. For the … [Read More...]

Hotels & Travel


Google Forwarding Numbers

In late 2015, Google forwarding numbers where finally introduced to the Canadian market. This launch was great for Canadian marketers and businesses because 61% of mobile search users say it is extremely important to be able to call a business during … [Read More...]