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Convert Website Views Into Real-Time Conversations That Turn Into Immediate Leads with Live Chat Services

Better customer service means more conversions and more sales.

Increase your website’s potential with chat services available from Think Profits!


There are many hidden or understated benefits of chat services. Think Profits  has isolated a few benefits you might not have thought of yet, when considering  chat services for your website.


  • Saves on time: chat services saves drastically on employee’s time because most customer services inquiries can be settled quickly and effectively though live chat.  What once would take a ten minute phone call with hold times can now be solved almost instantly over chat.  This frees up everyone’s time and can save you a considerable amount on phone expenses.  Live chat representatives can also address multiple live chats at once, which means more people are receiving the help they need in a timely matter!
  • Gives you a competitive edge: If you are able to immediately walk someone through a sale – you’re simply going to make more sales than your competitor who can’t. If a customer has a question that can make or break a sale, you are able to answer it instantly.  Having excellent customer service can certainly give you the competitive edge you need over your competition
  • Understand your clients paint points: Live chat allows you to understand your customers like never before. With online chat you will be able to get real-time information about what is working for your customers and what is frustrating them. If you continually get the same question about your check-out process, for example, then you know you need to improve or simplify that pain point!
  • It can fit your needs: If you are not sure if live chat will work for you, there are many live chat solutions options available for companies of all sizes.  Think Profits is proud to offer a variety of live chat solutions for various needs and budget levels. If you are interested in implementing a live chat feature on your website today, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Think Profits for more information.

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