Think CMS 7.0

Make Updates, Edits, and Create New Entries for your Website with Ease and Speed with our Think CMS Software.

Think CMS 7.0

Why lose crucial productivity time waiting for a third party to make edits or changes to your website when you can do it all yourself, wherever you are. Think CMS 7.0 enables you to have complete control over managing content on your website, giving you the flexibility of making changes to your website whenever and wherever you choose.

The Think CMS software is completely user-friendly, and it caters to people who don't have experience programming. That means you won't need to know HTML to change your content. It's easy to use, and with the flick of a wrist, you can have new or updated content.

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Hi my name is Shawn Moore, I'm president and founder of There's a lot of freeware that's available for customers to plug into their website, but the challenge that comes with that is Google and Bing can't index any of the content in it. With our software platforms and plugins, clients can have all of those components fully indexed by searched engines.

We can also customize it fully to do exactly what the customer wants for their unique business. Think Profits has developed a complete suite of software to help our clients become more successful on the internet.

"Think CMS" is a content management system where clients can easily and quickly update their website in real time on the fly, anywhere in the world.

"Think ProCart" is our solution for ecommerce. Our cart is very unique in that all of the content is going to be indexed by Google, which is going to help bump your site in the rankings.

"Think Metrics" is a custom software that would give busy executives a very fast snapshot of what activities are coming in off of your website in terms of leads, sales, and e-mail captures.

We've invested millions of dollars since 1997 refining our software. Because we work with thousands of companies around the world, each time we go through it, it continues to improve and refine, and that is a good thing for businesses because it helps move your website onto page one of Google.

There are many benefits to using Think CMS 7.0. Here are a few of them:

  • Think CMS gives you the ability to separate content from the actual web design, giving you the ability to change your website's content at any time.
  • Use the same content for an E-newsletter, a blog, or an individual page on your website in a unique way each time, meaning your website won't be penalized by major search engines for duplicate content
  • The user-interface is so simple and clear, that you won't ever find yourself bogged down in confusion. It's as simple as editing a word document.
  • Change content as you go without having to rely on your IT staff.
  • When paired with Think SEO 7.0, it will protect your SEO code by limiting access to targeted areas.

Software solutions start at $50.00 each per month. Call today at +1.877.597.7888!

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What Our Clients Say

Eurorite logo

This has been key for putting our website in front of the right audience. It is great to have traffic but it is profitable to have the right traffic.

Glen Dobson, Business Development Manager
Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd.
Penfold Roofing logo

Since publishing the site our web generated lead count and job closes has increased dramatically. Also our Google positioning has moved to page 1 for all our primary key word search terms. The subsequent web review meeting has proved to be very useful. For the first time in our company we feel that we are in control of this incredible marketing tool.

Ken Mayhew, President
Penfolds Roofing Inc.
Crucial Roof logo

Shawn's team is at the top of their game providing both a quality product with professional delivery.

Greg Krushel, President
Crucial Roof