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Is Your Hotel Digital Marketing Strategy Producing Enough “Heads in Beds”?

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Hotel digital marketing has become increasingly complex. Many hotel managers must balance the day-to-day challenges of running a business while also trying to expand their brand online and compete for guests across the many digital platforms that exist and lowering the cost with OTA payouts.

We hired Think Profits to conduct a thorough brand audit and needs assessment to improve our position in the market. We have since engaged them to assist with the newly developed brand marketing initiatives and digital marketing consulting. Their expertise has become instrumental in our online marketing decisions. We are engaged with their SEO and Social Media Services, and look forward to a long term relationship with their firm.

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Working with a hotel marketing agency can help to lighten the load for hoteliers big and small. The landscape of digital marketing changes frequently and it can be frustrating to not show up on page one of Google and Bing despite your best efforts. Moreover, it can be a nightmare to manage every social media channel on top of servicing guests, managing rooms and availabilities and pricing.

Think Profits is a digital marketing agency that specializes in hotel internet marketing. We can help you get quality web analytics and set you up with a dashboard for tracking your conversion and CPA goals so you can monitor the return on your digital marketing investment.

Hotel digital marketing is the best lead generating and sales tool in history. Think Profits can create a unique hotel digital marketing strategy that will increase your online presence and put more “heads in beds”.

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Our profits have increased about 25%. We've really seen an increase in leads coming in. Think Profits not only met our expectations, but they’ve exceeded them.

Why You Need Hotel Digital Marketing

All hoteliers have a website and many are involved different social media channels. The challenge, however, is getting your customers and potential leads to find you. You need a real strategy that achieves your goals to reduce expensive OTAs and generate enough “heads in beds” to grow your business.

Think Profits is an experienced team of web developers, content creators and SEO experts who specialize in hotel digital marketing. Our team can create a unique digital marketing strategy to help your business expand its online reach and boost sales goals.

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It is crucial for hotel managers and marketers to keep their finger on the pulse of Reputation Management. Negative online reviews can be detrimental to any hotel and are often the result of disgruntled customers. Our hotel digital marketing team can help you turn negative reviews into positive ones by heading them off at the source. We can give you the tools to help you manage your online reputation and make it work to promote your business online.

The hotel industry is always changing and you have to keep up with trends in order to succeed. Implementing hotel marketing programs such as SEO, PPC, and Reputation Management will put you ahead of the pack.

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Think Profits has helped us to gain the results needed from our Google and Bing paid and organic search marketing initiatives; increasing the quantity as well as the quality of leads coming in. This has led to increased room nights (heads in beds) and revenues for our group of hotels in Canada and the United States, for less than our OTA costs. With their knowledgeable and dedicated teams, they have become a valued source for implementing our digital marketing strategies.

How You Can Increase Your Bookings

Companies who come to Think Profits are looking for an established, experienced and competent Digital Marketing Agency. What puts Think Profits ahead of other digital marketing agencies is that we have a proven track record with hotel digital marketing. We work with hotel managers and owners to craft unique marketing strategies not only specific to your highly competitive industry, but unique to your specific business as well.

Think Profits has a talented team of industry professionals with skills in web site development, search engine optimization, online paid advertising, and social media marketing.

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