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Canada’s top ecommerce site puts you in control of your online business. Or, we can take the reigns – it’s up to you!

Shopify is Canada’s top ecommerce sites. Shopify provides everything you need to design, build and manage any online business. With its simple user-interface and wide range of features and functionality, Shopify has become known as one the premier ecommerce tools available.

Shopify makes it easy to sell wherever your customers are – whether it be on a desktop, tablet, or even a mobile phone. In addition, Shopify keeps it simple by allowing you to do everything in one place. Sync all sales, track records and sales, and add new products in minutes.

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Most business owners have an exact vision of what they want their store to look like, but they don’t necessarily have the technical skills to make it a reality. You want to use an ecommerce site that is easy to use, but also looks professional and is secure.

Shopify allows you to design your ecommerce store to your exact specifications. With over a hundred templates, your store can look exactly the way you want it to. Advanced templates can be created with HTML and CSS. Don’t know how to code? Not a problem – the Think Profits Shopify designers are here to help you.

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Shopify makes it easy for your customers to purchase your products no matter where they are.

Impress Your Customers with a Beautiful and Secure Ecommerce Site

Shopify is a home for your brand. Online customers will be impressed with your easy-to-use and beautiful ecommerce site. Shopify themes allow you to have complete control over the look and feel of your website. From domain name, to colours, layout, and content – it’s all up to you. More importantly, no design skills are needed. Shopify offers over 100 professional store templates. Our Think Profits Shopify web designers can also help to build you a fully customized design using HTML and CSS.

Shopify products are easy for any customer to browse. Organized by category in an online catalog, you products will always look their best and be easy to find. Shopify is also set up to accommodate both small and large businesses. There is no limit to the number or type of products you can sell in your online store.

Allowing for different payment options is vital to the user experience. Shopify accepts over 70 external payment options from across the globe including PayPal, Bitcoin, and iDeal. It is also important to note that all of your data will be secure with Shopify websites. All pages, content, and transaction information is protected by the same security used by major banks.

Run Your Business with Shopify

The Right Fit For Your Business

Shopify websites allows you to seamlessly run your business. You can manage all of your orders, contact customers, and track all sales through one easy platform. Get valuable data on sales trends, buying behaviors and devices used.

Orders are made easy with Shopify notifications. With just one click you can fulfill single or multiple orders making stock management an ease.

Shopify is integrated with thousands of apps that allow you to connect to your customer base and record additional data. You can automate your accounting, send promotional emails, and expand to new markets apps like these:

  • Xero
  • MailChimp
  • Intuit Quickbooks
  • Facebook
  • All major shipping carriers

Our Shopify website developers can work with you to create your ideal online business. Whether you just need some assistance, or you would like us to create your vision – Think Profits web designers are here to make your online business succeeded.

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