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Since 1997, Think Profits has been creating clever Pay-Per-Click marketing campaigns, helping companies' fast track their search engine presence and increasing traffic entering their website.

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What Can PPC Do For You?

A PPC or Pay Per Click campaign is an excellent digital marketing strategy to engage in if you're looking for immediate visibility on the search engines. In exchange for paying a fee every time a user clicks on your website, you'll have a guaranteed position on page one. Paid advertising slots also hold the majority of Google's real estate, which make it an excellent platform to market on even if you already have a page one ranking organically. PPC is also a complementary strategy for companies looking for SEO services, as it allows you to compete for hard to rank keywords in the same playing field as your competitors, thus letting an organic SEO strategy to focus on more niche and targeted keywords.

“We have found one of our keywords already ranks us on page 1 in position 1 of Google after going live. It's great to see the website indexing and the rankings establishing so quickly, especially since the site is on a new domain name. Excellent results to see at this stage!”

Be Visible
Whether you want to increase sales, improve inquiries or simply improve traffic, a PPC campaign can put you at the forefront of your customer's mind.

Expand Your Market
Reach customers outside of your normal sphere of influence. With a PPC campaign, you can advertise 24/7 around the globe.

Data Driven Decisions
A PPC campaign generates tons of data on how users are interacting with your ads. It's a great digital marketing strategy because the data from each campaign allows us to make decisions based of cold hard data. We'll also install the right tracking tools into your website, that way we'll also gather data on what your customers are doing on your website.

24/7 365 Days, It's Always On
Depending on your needs, we can automate the PPC campaign to run during specific times of the day or all year round. Not only will you have control of what potential customers are seeing but when they see it.

Custom Campaigns to Your Business Needs
Having a sale on? Or maybe an annual recurring offer? As PPC management company, our experts will build each campaign so that it adapts to the day-to-day that is running your business.

It's Really Just A Case of What You Want to Do
If you'd like to learn more or have a PPC campaign in mind, we're here to help. Contact us or fill out our form, a real person will get back to you as soon as possible.

“In just a few months after our website redevelopment and launch with Think Profits, our search engine rankings increased significantly. Not only has our rankings improved, but so has the quality of our leads and our conversion rate. We have subsequently added new pages to our site and we are already ranking at the top of search engine results for those new pages and keywords as well. When it comes to Search Engine rankings and SEO, Think Profits has the proven expertise in this field.”

Learn What A PPC Company Can Do For You

Our Proven Digital Marketing Strategies Generate Results

Plan Your Strategy
Guaranteed page one placement is an excellent way to start standing out from your competition, but without a clearly defined strategy, you could be spending money without generating positive results. Think Profits will work with your marketing team to clearly outline achievable goals and conversion points for your PPC campaign.

Generate More Traffic
A page one ranking will dramatically increase traffic entering your website. The more you spend on a pay-per-click campaign, the more visibility your website will have. The Think Profits team will constantly monitor and optimize your pay-per-click campaign, so that you're generating the highest volume of traffic for the lowest cost-per-clicks, maximizing your ROI.

Convert More Qualified Leads
PPC campaigns are an excellent way to convert on more leads. It is the only form of search engine marketing that allows multiple conversion points within your ad. Users can choose to sign up for a newsletter, fill out a contact form, view your product catalogue, or directly phone your company. The utility PPC offers is unparalleled. 

Achieve Better Results
If you want to be a digital marketing powerhouse in your industry, taking up a search engine's full real estate is the best way to achieve this. With a PPC strategy in place, which we can help you form, you will be able to kick back and watch as your website's traffic increases, conversions flow in and your revenue grows!


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Get Page 1 Positioning Guaranteed on any keyword

Your Digital Advertising Return on Investment will be a lot higher than traditional media using Google, Bing or Yahoo when our experts set up, write, analyze and develop your ads and landing pages.

Think Profits is one of the only Google Certified Partners in Vancouver. With 19 years of experience, we've got all the expertise you will need!

Our Digital Advertising Experts are Google Partner Certified, bringing over 12 years’ experience getting clients a significantly higher ROI and lowering their cost per click by writing top quality ads.

They also work hand in hand with your Account Executive and our entire SEO team to coordinate efforts to maintain consistency and make sure you’re maximizing your ROI and not over spending in either your organic or paid search strategies.

Hit the ground running! A Pay Per Click program can drive traffic immediately to your site while you are waiting for your organic results to kick in. This is particularly impactful on web sites that are brand new to the search engines and have never been indexed before. You can also test keywords for new products and target markets or quickly roll out time sensitive promotions.

“I wanted to send a short note to thank you and your staff for all the work and expertise that went into the development and launch of our website. The whole planning and building process went smoothly with the help of your professional staff, and the finished product turned out far better than I imagined.

Truthfully, I was very skeptical at the beginning as to whether a website was going to do anything to grow our business. Since the launch of our website in February I can honestly say that we have seen positive results including several new customers who have come to us as a result of the site.”


Your Dedicated Digital Advertising Manager will:

  • Set up your account and target your campaigns for geo specific markets, products or services.
  • Determine and manage your daily PPC budget for improved campaign management and higher ROI.
  • Create individual hand crafted ads and landing pages that relate to each keyword phrase you are targeting. The result will be higher relevancy and better click-through results with Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  • Select the most fertile keywords that target online shopping or lead generation from an audience that is in the decision making process or buying cycle.
  • Manage, evaluate, split test and refine your ads each month to constantly improve your click through ratio and conversion.

I Need Help with My Paid Search Campaigns

Think PPC Program Packages

Here is a list of just some of the services that our PPC company offers:

Standard Services BRONZE SILVER GOLD
$999 per mo $1,999 per mo $2,999 per mo
Third party PPC spend is an additional minimum of $500 per month.
Number of Ads Included 15 25 35
Landing Pages created over the first 3 months 3 5 7
Market & Keyword Research included included included
PPC, Platform Recommendation (Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing) included included included
Campaign Targeting included included included
Budgets and Bids Management included included included
Extensions Best Practices included included included
Ads Linking & Tracking Best Practices included included included
Keywords Best Practices included included included
Match Types Best Practices included included included
Negative Keywords included included included
Landing Page Build & Optimization included included included
Monthly PPC Campaign Monitoring included included included
Monthly PPC Campaign Reporting included included included
1 Digital Marketing Review included included included
Success Track Project Document included included included
Account Setup Fee $1,500 $2,500 $3,500
Cancel Anytime with 30 Days Written Notice✝✝ included included included
Advanced Services
Display Ads & Remarketing Display Ads Available
Additional Landing Pages $599 ea
Snapchat Marketing Available
Targeting Multiple Languages Available
Mobile Web Development (Responsive Design) Available
Video Creation & SEO Optimization Available
Digital Marketing Strategy, Audit & Consulting Available
Think Fresh Start Web Design Packages Available
Monthly SEO Program Available
Monthly Reputation and Social Media Management Program Available
Email Marketing Monthly Program Available
Training and Support Services Program Available
Web Hosting, Domain Name & Email Solutions Available

All content, web development or writing action items above or beyond those included in your chosen Think PPC Program will be recorded in your success track and sent to you in your monthly report for approval. If items are approved they will be billed separately or may be completed for N/C if you have a personal touch support program with us.

✝✝ All creative, design and writing fees included in all monthly digital marketing and support programs contracts must be paid out entirely upon cancellation.