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Nothing gets you noticed like your logo plastered across the world’s most active websites. Millions of eyes will be on you, but the question is "are they the right ones"? Soon budgets can find themselves chewed up targeting the wrong customers. Digital media buying can get your brand in front of millions but the expertise of a media buyer is what'll turn those views into conversions.

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Yes, we saw much increased activity in our emails, due to the key words used more so than the telephone. I can not tell you exactly what volume of business was received, but somewhere around $30,000.00. This amount was actually tracked. Unfortunately, during busy times, we can not log every phone call and email. So in saying that, yes, it did work for us and we will be utilizing this method for our slow periods of business yearly. Thanks again for all your help, as we are were very pleased working with and will talk with you soon on this.

What Are Media Buyers?

They are your representative, and as professional procurers of media real estate online, we know how to find the right placements at a competitive price. Your media buyer works with you to ensure that you’re not wasting your budget on irrelevant websites and that your message is on point.

A Fraction of a Full Page Advertisement

Digital media comes at a fraction of what it costs to advertise in traditional media markets. Not only are more and more people going online for their media consumption, but they are also actively moving away from the conventional marketing strategies. Digital media buying gives you the best of both by providing a huge audience reachable on a smaller budget.

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After having other companies provide my web-site services for many years, I did not really know what I was missing. Now I can now really appreciate the high level of service and amazing quality of product from concept to launch. My business will grow tremendously from the efforts of and my only regret is not having hired them many years ago.

Media Buying Vancouver

As a Vancouver-based operation, we understand the local market and can easily customize your campaign to focus on our local market. We’ll also take the right steps to ensure that your campaign is scalable; instantly expanding from local websites global ones.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

If you require additional creative work or have a marketing team that needs the helping hand from an agency, we are here to help on both fronts. We're not just a one-stop shop and can pull resources from every digital marketing corner to make sure your campaign is a success.

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The organization of the project was incredible. The "Blue Print For Success" manual proved to be invaluable, we knew exactly where we were every step along the way. I was extremely pleased that the website actually launched within the timelines set out during our first meeting, considering my many questions and edits.