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PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing fast tracks your company's website to page one on all of the major search engines by paying a variable amount on selected keywords. Pay Per Click Marketing also allows you to target your local market. If you're looking to target specific customers in Vancouver, a PPC campaign can be set up to do just that; no need to pay to advertise to the entire country when you can target one city. Inc. is a Vancouver PPC agency that will work with your company and its marketing department to isolate only the richest keywords and fast track their search engine ranking to page one immediately.

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It's great to see the whole plan come together. The vision from the start, new website, new product line is all coming together. We are seeing an increase in traffic and volume in new areas. Great work ThinkProfits. You have done what you said you're going to do!

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The problems our customers have that we have been able to help them solve is getting them page one results on search engines. Quality score of pay-per-click ads are based on how well the ads are written, the use of the keyword phrases, and the relevance of the landing page you're linking them to. With a better quality score you rank higher in the ad positions with a lower cost per click. Think Profits offers unique solutions in regards to pay-per-click campaigns because we have four keys to success. We strategize with our clients, generate more traffic which means we do extensive keyword research about your target market, we implement the plan to convert more leads, and once the ads are running we do consistent monthly management to make sure that ads are performing at an optimal level in order to achieve better results.

Think Profits is a Vancouver PPC agency that works with your company to produce PPC campaigns that convert into leads. We'll make sure that each campaign is reflective of your brand and the products and/or services that you offer. PPC is only one of many different techniques to bring in more business through your website.

There are other ways to increase your company's digital marketing reach as well, and here are just a few of them:

Over the last decade I have worked closely with the Think Profits Digital Marketing team. Their expertise is one of the best in their industry, hands down. They have become an extension of our in-house marketing team and continue to add value to our business as a trusted digital marketing agency. I am pleased to recommend to any company that wants to take a serious approach to leveraging all of what the Internet can do for their business.

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Since 1997, we have been formulating effective digital marketing strategies that have generated more business for our clients. Although the internet has changed dramatically since then, the quality of our strategies has not. Vancouver PPC advertising is just one digital marketing strategy in the world of online advertising.

Our team of client care administrators will answer any questions you may have about Vancouver PPC or any of our other types of strategies. All you need to do is give us a call to find out how your company can get the most value out of your website.

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Since publishing the site our web generated lead count and job closes has increased dramatically. Also our Google positioning has moved to page 1 for all our primary key word search terms. The subsequent web review meeting has proved to be very useful. For the first time in our company we feel that we are in control of this incredible marketing tool.