Web Analytics Consulting

Since 1997, ThinkProfits.com Inc. has been providing clients with clear and identifiable web analytic reports, making it easy to manage digital marketing goals and objectives.

Why Do You Need To Know Your Website's Analytics?

The first thing you need to understand about increasing traffic to your website is knowing which areas of your website are successful in generating views and keeping users engaged with your brand and which areas aren't. Identifying these underperforming areas will make it easy for you to reallocate your time and efforts so that you can create a strategy to make your website and ultimately your conversion funnels, more successful.

Start Tracking Your Web Success with Analytics

We generated 122 leads off the new web site in January compared to 30 in the same period last year. This is a 400% increase which I am very pleased about. This is an all-time record!! Well done.

Plan Your Strategy

When you have an easy-to-interpret web analytics report, the information it contains will quickly put you in a position to form a strategy to address areas of your website that need to be improved on. Our team at Think Profits are masters at website analytics and will be able to make impactful recommendations that will dramatically increase traffic coming to your website quickly.

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Generate More Traffic

Once you've used the information in your web analytics report to improve traffic entering your website, you can continue to use your analytics dashboard to get specific information on that traffic, like where they're from, how long they interacted with your website and whether or not they followed through with your goals. Goals can be anything from signing up to a mailing list, filling out a contact form, buying a product, or calling your company. Knowing more about your traffic will put you in a position to tweak your website as you go, attracting not just more leads, but more qualified leads.

After a lot of hard work from both our Team at Lucid Management Group and the Think Profits's Team, our website was going live!

Within a couple of days of our website being launched we received a request for additional information ~ 'wow this is happening quick.'

The beginning of the third week of our launch, we do a search and we are in the number one position! Looks like all the brainstorming and hard work has paid off.

Thank you Think Profits for your time, dedication and constant feedback on developing our website.

Convert More Qualified Leads

There's more to a successful digital marketing campaign than simply attracting leads. Attracting qualified leads that can turn into a sale is what is most important when all is said and done. The data that your website's analytics can provide you with is paramount for increasing relevant leads that will not only make one purchase from you, but will come back for more.

Achieve Better Results

When you have a team of certified analytic specialists monitoring your traffic on a monthly basis, you’ll know exactly where to focus your resources, allowing you to be in an authoritative position to drive more sales and meet your company's objectives continuously.

Start Tracking Your Web Success with Analytics

Since its launch, the website has given CCD an internet presence that has resulted in many first time customer contacts that have been converted to sales. We are pleased to note that our initial investment in website development have been recovered many times over. In addition, the ongoing search engine optimization that you perform on our website keeps us at the top of all the major internet search indexes.

I would recommend Think Profits to any company that is looking for a full-service website development company that wants a serious approach to leveraging what the Internet can offer.