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One Website to Fit All Mobile Devices

Mobile-friendly websites used to be something that came with a gigantic price tag. Costing a ton, they were separate entities from their parent sites. Before, we'd have to develop a brand new website from the ground up just to capture smartphone users. At the time, mobile traffic was so low that the investment rarely equaled the return. Fortunately that's all in the past, responsive web design is a brand new technique that transforms your site into a mobile one without developing a brand new website. It’s two websites in one; actually, it's more than that.

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Search Engines like Responsive Designs

A recent algorithm update from Google added a mobile-friendly tag in search results to those websites that have a mobile version. In short, Google is weighing these websites as more favorable. Having a well-designed responsive website can improve your website’s visibility and attract more traffic, and will soon play an important role in any digital marketing strategy. Now's the time to get ahead.

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Responsive Web Design Service, What You Need To Know

We've been a mainstay in the Vancouver SEO world since 1997 and have seen all the iterations the internet has taken, so we have the experience needed to build a responsive design into your website. Over the years, we’ve refined our process into something streamlined. We'll get you from concept to final product with as little difficulty as possible.

  1. Initial Meetings: We'll meet to discuss your needs. During this stage, we'll soak up all sorts of information like what you want to see, your budget and when you need the final product.
  2. Conceptualization: After our initial meetings, we'll go to work developing a concept and layout for your responsive design. You'll be part of this process and have many chances to have your input as to the final look.
  3. Development: Once all components are agreed upon, our web developers go to work. The scope and scale of this step will depend on what we’ve previously discussed.
  4. Testing: As development ends, we'll begin testing your web page in-house. Everyone from the copywriters, developers, to the project managers will have a review of the website. This ensures that those who are experts in their fields test each component.
  5. Approval and Publishing: Once we're happy, we'll send you a beta version of the website for you to test. After a set beta period, we'll meet with you to ensure all components are working as desired and that any edits you might have are incorporated. Then we’ll push the publish button and you'll have a brand new responsive website.

Responsive Design Is More than Your Phone

Mobile devices will take over desktops and laptops soon. When it happens, all those slick desktop-only websites will soon look cluttered and become unnavigable on a smaller portable screen. Developing a responsive website is more than a nice addition to your website; soon it’ll be what users need from your business.

  1. Responsive website development typically has a lower development timeframe. Thus, it's a cost effective method to get a mobile-friendly website up and running.
  2. It's adaptable to a wide range of devices, no need to develop a website for every phone model out there.
  3. It separates your website from a chair. Your clients can interact with your business while on the go, no need to stay bound to the office.

Responsive design is more than your phone because it's your tablet, desktop, laptop and your business.

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