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Mohamed Samy Amin

"I am very happy with the professional job your team is doing"

                                                                                 Mohamed Samy Amin


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Dr. Bill Akinstall, SciMed Research

"Your degree of professionalism and outstanding mannerism have already enabled me to learn a lot that I can implement into my business and I haven’t even been through the audit yet."

Dr. Bill Akinstall
SciMed Research

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Amanda Woods, Operations & Marketing, Americair Corporation

"Shawn is full of energy and insightful ideas. I look forward to working with him and the Think team again soon!"

Amanda Woods
Operations & Marketing
Americair Corporation

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Larry Rahn, Vancouver's Downtown Realtor

"After having other companies provide my web-site services for many years, I did not really know what I was missing. Now I can now really appreciate the high level of service and amazing quality of product from concept to launch. My business will grow tremendously from the efforts of and my only regret is not having hired them many years ago."

Larry Rahn
Vancouver's Downtown Realtor

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Martin Hahn

"Shawn has an incredible grasp of the concepts of web based business in many forms and I have appreciated his insights and advice for many years.
I gladly recommend Shawn to anyone looking to take their business to the next level."

Martin Hahn


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Ken Jung, President, Reflex Printing

"Shawn is a very informant web savvy person who brings a lot of knowledge and expertise in this area . We have picked up numerous tips from Shawn."

Ken Jung
Reflex Printing

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Lisa Rodriguez, Focus America

"Shawn was absolutely wonderful to work with.

Not only does he have big visions for his company and team, he executes his plan without missing a beat. He sees the future, the potential and knows what needs to be done to get there. His team is bright, fun and knows how to get the job done. At Think Profit, his team has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise they bring to each person's individual need or want. Clients of Think Profit can expect top notch service from start to end.

Shawn Moore is professional and Think Profits would absolutely be the 1st company I would trust. In my experience they have the best service, vision and people to get the job done.

I look forward to working with Shawn again."

Lisa Rodriguez
Focus America


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Riyad Mohammed, President, Global Financial Services

"Details of the Recommendation: "Shawn has proven to be an internet guru over the past seven years that I've known him and is tremendously attuned to the internet and its many facets. Shawn has demonstrated leadership qualities that’s critical to success of any operation and his position as CEO of Think Profits.

Best of luck Shawn"

Riyad Mohammed
Global Financial Services


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Rob Driscol, President, Business Edge

"I have done business with Shawn on many levels over the last several years and have found him to be an inspiring business leader who excels in everything from leading-edge Internet strategy to writing and public speaking."

Rob Driscol
Business Edge


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Greg Krushel, President, Crucial Roof

"Shawn's team is at the top of their game providing both a quality product with professional delivery."

Greg Krushel
Crucial Roof


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Lorraine Steck, CSM City Sheet Metal Co. Ltd., Winnipeg

"Dear Shawn,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. Thank you Shawn for all of your help! Having never worked on a website before, your help, understand and encouragement is so greatly appreciated.

 It has been a pleasure dealing with Shawn during our ongoing Website development. His detailed knowledge of this industry is amazing and his ability to explain things in layman’s terms has been invaluable to me."

Lorraine Steck,
CSM City Sheet Metal Co. Ltd., Winnipeg


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Stacy Griggs, Vice President of Sales at Maximum ASP

"Shawn is a brilliant internet marketer, he and his team work hard to understand client needs and turn them into a reality. Think Profits is the go-to firm in Canada for custom web design, web development and ecommerce."

Stacy Griggs
Vice President of Sales at Maximum ASP
Louisville, Kentucky, USA


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Lee Trentadue, Galiano Island Books

"Hello Claudia, you are very welcome and Seonaid and I had such a good time during our meeting. It did not feel like work at all. Your team is fantastic and we feel we are in good hands."

Lee Trentadue
Galiano Island Books

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Brynda J Roche, Anti Aging Consultant

Thank You Bernadette! It was so awesome talking with you today and I have to tell you that you made an incredible impression on me and that I left our phone conversation feeling wonderful by the way you talked with me and treated me!

I seriously needed to let you know that and now with the way you have signed off your e-mail to me validates the same experience once again!

Thank you for the awesome treatment! I need more people like you on my team! Do you give training? Just kidding - we need more of you in this world today! Thanks again and have a wonderful New Year!

Brynda J Roche
Anti Aging Consultant

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Tony Berardi, Food For Life Baking Co.

"Thanks you Nathan for resolving this issue. Misty and I really appreciate your handling of this and getting are e-mail back up and running so quickly.

As always you and your team are Johnnie on the spot.

Thanks again"

Tony Berardi
Food For Life Baking Co.

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