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Shawn Moore
Shawn Moore
President, CEO
Brittni Chessa
Business Manager
Shelby Petersen
Senior Content Developer

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2020 Realty

I’ve got lots of people who build web sites and do it inexpensively, but I’m not looking to have a web site built, I’m looking to market on the internet… and that’s what Think Profits brings to the table.

Preston’s Restaurant + Lounge

We hired Think Profits to conduct a thorough brand audit and needs assessment to improve Prestons Restaurant’s position in the market. We have since engaged them to assist with the newly developed brand marketing through SEO and a social media strategy. Their expertise has become instrumental in our online marketing decisions. We have engaged the Think Profits team and look forward to working long term with their firm.

Judy Adams, Regional General Manager

Utopia Academy

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I’ve been very happy with the prompt action we always receive regarding edits or changes to our new website.

Melissa is fantastic to work with, very approachable and always pleasant.

Sherri Abu-Ulba, Marketing Director

Hanah Amin

Larry was patient and did not rush through the material. If something needed repeating he did so without any hesitation. Kept asking if we understood (individually) what was being said. Some people just rocket through and don’t bother to ask the audience/students whether they understand or not.

Hanah Amin

Diesel Software Ltd.

During my Web Audit experience with Shawn Moore of Think Profits I was able to learn how to increase Google search ranking, internet marketing potential and the quality of stats. I recommend other companies learn what I have.

Tim Sandhu, President

Anti-Aging Consultant

Thank You Bernadette! It was so awesome talking with you today and I have to tell you that you made an incredible impression on me and that I left our phone conversation feeling wonderful by the way you talked with me and treated me!

I seriously needed to let you know that and now with the way you have signed off your e-mail to me validates the same experience once again!

Thank you for the awesome treatment! I need more people like you on my team! Do you give training? Just kidding – we need more of you in this world today! Thanks again and have a wonderful New Year!

Brynda J Roche

Dan Wilcox Electric

I sincerely recommend a website audit to other businesses. I learned about website listing and how to get Google rankings, links and domain name strategy. Thank you greatly! I just wish there was more time as it always seems too short.

Dan Wilcox, Owner

Care Pest & Wildlife Control Ltd.

I found our Website Audit with Keith and Larry to be very informative. I didn’t realize everything we should be doing that we’re not currently, and how we should be adjusting what we are currently doing to market our company. The three most beneficial things I learned during my meeting were regarding blogs, links and press releases. I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses.

Peter Steinfort, General Manager

Resman Holdings, Investor in Sabell

During our Website Audit, I learned basic understanding of website marketing and a broader understanding of Think Profits process. I realized that process is an ongoing one. I would sincerely recommend a website audit to other businesses.

David Taylor, President

Aroma Oil Biz

I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses. I learned how to use a multi-prong approach, how to get on the first page of Google and the complexity involved in that. If you want professional results, use a professional team! I very much appreciated Shawn’s professional presentation, especially providing me with options to suit my budget.

Peter H. Scholl, President

Gourmet Depot Canada Inc

During my Website Audit with Keith, I learned: The basic criteria used by search engines to determine ranking of websites. The steps that one must take to ensure that your website appears on Page 1 of Google and the amount of control you can exercise in ensuring this happens. Content is king, the extent to which our current website does not support our stated goals. The importance of a consistent keyword strategy that is incorporated into every page and aspect of our site. The need to change our home page to better capture to attention of visitors immediately – an overview of what we do and who we are in one glance. Stronger external rather than internal focus. The options available to increase sales and measure return moving forward such as pay per click, video, social networking options etc. While we had entertained adding a retail component to our site, we have never considered these other options as relevant to our business strategy.

I appreciated Keith’s straight forward, succinct approach. He gave us a lot of information in a way that we all understood regardless of our level of technical expertise. I feel he did an excellent job of zeroing in on our stated objectives in terms of the audit and supplying specific solution-based answers to our challenges. In short he exceeded my expectations in every way. He successfully ignited the imagination of everyone in the session. E.g, one of our employees is off today and she has already called me before opening hours to say she has already made some changes to our current site and plans to work over the weekend trying to find a way to implement other simple interim amendments in keeping with Keith’s input. While we appreciate that our site needs more work than we can do without professional support, I am impressed that one of my staff was so motivated by the session as to take the initiative to make immediate improvements within her abilities and on her own time.

I honestly cannot think of any recommendations to make this session more valuable. I would normally say that it could have been better if done in-person. However, I think we were all more focused on the task through the web presentation. With the personalities of my team an in-person presentation would easily turned into a social gathering.

I have already recommended Think Profits to two other companies.

Judy Lindenbach, President

Creative Housing Solutions Canada

Every time I send our company website changes to Tim, I know they will get completed by the deadline he provided, usually even before the deadline. He is always friendly and easy to deal with.

Tamara Bruins, National Client Services Manager

James Hoggan & Associates Inc.

During my Website Audit, I learned that there is a lack of searchable content on our site and how to fix basic housekeeping errors on our website. It is very important to have a domain name strategy! There was a good variety of information and the experience was overall valuable. I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses.

Michaella Miller, General Manager

Calgary Musician’s Association

Larry and Keith were very thorough and informative during our Website Audit and I would sincerely recommend other businesses go through this process. I learned about Security Certificates, Privacy Policy and ways to lift our profile on Google other than paying for placement. We have lots to consider going forward with our site.

James Scott, Executive Board Member

Merit Kitchens Ltd.

As per my Director of Sales and I quote, ‘I hate to admit it but it seems like this website is working. I’m getting more leads now than ever before.’

Frank Siekmann, President & CEO