Timothy Serrano

Meet Timothy Serrano
Timothy Serrano
Digital Marketing Director

Tim rejoined Think Profits in the spring of 2012 as Director of Marketing, bringing over 19 years of experience developing relevant and profitable digital marketing strategies for local and global companies.

Tim brings with him a rich and diverse experience in Convergence Marketing and Humanized Branding. He is highly successful at achieving clear marketing goals through skillful planning, vigilant execution and proactive business and consumer relationships online and offline. As a senior member of our team, he helps improve all facets of Production and Client Care which translate into better customer experience for all of our clients.

Tim is a Google Analytics Certified Individual and Certified ScrumMaster. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Business and Languages).

He arrived from San Francisco in 1997 and founded a custom web design and application development firm in Vancouver. He joined the team at Think Profits in the spring of 2006 as Senior Web Developer, spearheading our agency’s software application series. As Production Manager, he helped to curate best practices in creative design, software development, search engine optimization and web analytics with a talented team of Internet Marketing experts for 5 growing and inspiring years.

Previously Tim served as Director of Marketing for an emerging made-to-order Sleep System brand name manufacturer in New York, which catered to international athletes, boutique hotel guests and people with special sleep needs.

Whether your business is starting up or entrenched traditionally in the fabric of economy, Tim helps our clients promote their value proposition and content messaging that in turn become highly visible and available to the target audience for lead generation and conversion. He looks forward to serving with your team to meet your marketing goals—with discipline and follow through that get things done on time and on budget!