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Defining Digital Marketing Since 1997. Our Company brings Page One to your business.

Areas of Expertise

Ideal Clients

Clients who can benefit most from using our agency have a strong need to leverage some, if not all, of our core competencies to complement their organization’s internal resources in achieving their online goals.

They have typically been down the path at least twice before, and are sick and tired of not getting the results they have been promised by other consultants or companies. As true digital marketing pioneers, we deliver results for our clients and have done so since 1997.

Our Location

Located at 804 Pacific St., our company headquarters feature an open concept layout with plenty of natural sunlight.

The most interesting feature of our office is the Rodney Graham sculpture located atop our roof.

The sculpture features a man seated backward on a horse which is perched above a copper weathervane that pivots with the breeze. The man seated backward on the horse is Erasmus (1466 – 1536), a scholar who was know for challenging common assumptions. In addition, Erasmus painted the clergy as educators who should share the treasury of their knowledge with the laity.

By the 1530s, the writings of Erasmus accounted for 10 to 20 percent of all book sales in Europe.

While we were not aware of the sculpture at the time we purchased our new office location, it couldn’t fit our company vision any better. Now that is what you call serendipity!

Very fittingly, our sister company MUJO Learning Systems was born in this office in 2014. Mujo creates textbooks and curriculum about Digital Marketing to help students get real-world experience in our industry. The textbooks form curriculum and are taught in colleges both in Canada and the United States.

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Think Profits.com Inc.

If you want more leads, a better search result, a brand new look or a more dynamic website, the team at Think Profits have the know-how.We specialize in the Education, Manufacturing & Distribution, Retail & Services, Hotels & Travel, and other industries. We deliver proven results in reducing OTA's for Hoteliers, increasing lead generation, conversation and growing revenue for our more than 1,600 clients in Canada and the United States.Our full range of digital marketing services is designed to get you to the place you want to be online. Turn your website into a source of revenue with Think Profits.
Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 2:00pm
Think Profits provides e-commerce solutions like web design and development. The front-end of an e-commerce business achieves sales objectives. But the back-end is just as important at delivering the value promised to customers. Here are 7 steps for small businesses to reduce the cost of their shipping and deliver more value to customers. http://bit.ly/2nisk5a

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Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 11:49am
A new study claims the Canadian manufacturing industry is lagging behind due to not adopting a complete digital shift in their business. Read more! http://bit.ly/2sYCw5b

#digital #digitalmarketing #marketing #vancouverseo #digitalmarketingagency
Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at 1:00pm
Search engines love to update search algorithms. While this is good for user experience, not keeping up with these changes can result in your rankings suddenly dropping. Stay on top of changes with an SEO agency that has continued to deliver results.


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Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Thursday, June 15th, 2017 at 2:00pm
Google has increased the importance of personalized search. Mobile marketing is inherently personal, making SEO an excellent way to choose a brand’s name. This article goes into depth on 2017’s SEO and digital trends. http://bit.ly/2oeR51F

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Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Sunday, June 11th, 2017 at 1:00pm
Earn more for every dollar you spend by leveraging our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) experience. We offer PPC for any platform from Google AdWords, to Facebook Advertising – make your money go further with ThinkProfits PPC Management.


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Think Profits.com Inc.
Think Profits.com Inc.Thursday, June 8th, 2017 at 2:00pm
Autonomous cars are driving themselves into conversations about digital advertising and local marketing everywhere. Passengers on the roads will soon be targeted by a new type of PPC; not clicks, but cars. Read more about how self-driving cars are expected to change the online marketing landscape. http://selnd.com/2nITTA9

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Here are 7 steps for small businesses to reduce the cost of their shipping and deliver more value to customers. https://t.co/j5OfIy0v8X
#TT https://t.co/AYmJK6mjbP
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Thursday, June 22nd, 2017 at 8:45am
A new study claims the Canadian #manufacturing industry is lagging behind due to not adopting a digital shift. Read! https://t.co/InbsCzoWeA
Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 6:55am
Who wore it best? Our new SEM and content developer @louisgeorgiou_ or Project Manager… https://t.co/hxlz1EkPBm
Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at 10:00am
Stay on top of search algorithm changes with an SEO agency that has continued to deliver results. #SEO #pageone

https://t.co/PcHS86fwc5 https://t.co/BcGdIR2BZz
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Thursday, June 15th, 2017 at 11:00am
Google has increased the importance of personalized search. Mobile is inherently personal. Check out 2017's trends https://t.co/QBCUCzGlCP https://t.co/49lPy8j328 ThinkProfitsInc photo
Sunday, June 11th, 2017 at 10:00am
We offer PPC for any platform – make your money go further with ThinkProfits PPC Management. #PPC #AdWords

https://t.co/1A3d2wowvz https://t.co/uKIbQP9jGM
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We Believe in Happy Clients

Gourmet Depot Canada Inc.

During my Website Audit with Keith, I learned: the importance of refined “keyword” strategies.Not only its importance on Page one but strategically input throughout the entire website.To quote Keith: “To keep the scent (wording) strong thought out the entire conversion process”.

The importance of our main page (stronger externally as opposed to internally focused) – how we only have 3 seconds to grab their attention. As well currently, how the descriptions used under our Products’ category does nothing to sell them – not only as wholesale products but also for the delicacies they are.

Keep your website fresh — ongoing. Constantly tweak or add content, optimize images or file structure and review key word opportunities. To connect with A or B Clients — use their verbiage.

There is nothing I can think of to make this experience more valuable. Flow and break-down of presentation was terrific – high value content. Keith’s approach worked well with our team of “non-techies” — we all understand what it is we need to do moving forward and secure the visits from the customer base we want and need to move forward. I highly recommend a website Audit to other businesses!

Andrea Favreau, Owner

Diesel Software Ltd.

During my Web Audit experience with Shawn Moore of Think Profits I was able to learn how to increase Google search ranking, internet marketing potential and the quality of stats. I recommend other companies learn what I have.

Tim Sandhu, President

Enterprise Consulting Inc.

Timothy is a talented and professional manager with hands-on capabilities that add value to the services he provides. My project is always in good hands when Timothy is leading his team through the process. I will use Timothy for my future IT and Internet related needs, and recommend him to professional contacts throughout my industry. September 13, 2009.

Greg Forrester, President

Homevestors Wealth Corp.

I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses. I learned about search engine optimization, online press releases and blogging. Larry Moore and Keith Kidwell were excellent and prepared with all the information I needed to know.

Bob Mangat, President

B & N Cosmetics

I suggest you do not change anything about your Website Audit, it was very interesting! I learned how to promote a website and the secrets of online marketing. I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses.

Ilan Halfon, Owner

Dan Hewitt

Customer service is everything ok, they are the ultimate company that I’ve seen with respect to customer service, they put it first and foremost in what they do.

Dan Hewitt

Tourism Training Institute

I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses.

Smitty Miller, Information Services Officer

California Liquid Fertilizer

I have had the chance to view the web page over the last several days and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the “look and feel” of the site. A job well done and an excellent effort! Thanks again.

Peter Townsley, President

Hermann Fruhm

During the recent audit of our website, we learned that there was a lot of housekeeping to be done and that SEO strategy is very important. We realized that there is a lot of work to be done to our website, and feel that we received a pretty good analysis.

Mr. Hermann Fruhm, President

NCC Financial

My Website Audit was well organized and slick. Among many things, I learned that NCC is missing key members to maximize site ROI. I can appreciate the precursor to a comprehensive service proposal that already has me nodding my head “yes” at the right moments. I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses. Very informative and worthwhile use of my time for a nominal price.

Don Antle, VP Marketing

Bridgeview Marine

We have been working with you since 2000 and, with this relationship now in its 9th year, I must say that choosing Think Profits was a very sound decision.During this period our website has contributed in excess of $10 Million in sales to our business.

Don McNiece, President

Merit Kitchens Ltd.

As per my Director of Sales and I quote, ‘I hate to admit it but it seems like this website is working. I’m getting more leads now than ever before.’

Frank Siekmann, President & CEO

QSD Inc.

We were given an honest outside opinion on our website. It made us realize how non-user friendly our site is, along with security and disclosure statements we are missing. We were shown how many keywords we are missing out on. We were shown how a quality web site with proper keywords and content would affect our presence on the internet, which will result in an immediate increase in contacts and revenues. I don’t think that in one session any more information should be put forward as that was enough to get the wheels turning. We look forward to reviewing an outline and estimated cost to take us to the next level.

Gerry Abday, President

Aroma Oil Biz

I would sincerely recommend a Website Audit to other businesses. I learned how to use a multi-prong approach, how to get on the first page of Google and the complexity involved in that. If you want professional results, use a professional team! I very much appreciated Shawn’s professional presentation, especially providing me with options to suit my budget.

Peter H. Scholl, President

Best Price on Electronics

To the team at Think Profits.com,

Nothing short of impressive. This is how I describe your work.

Mohamed Samy Amin, President