Our Management Team Takes New York!

team at the digital marketing conference

Shawn Moore, Nathan Kondra and Timothy Serrano are in New York, New York this week for the Digital Strategy Innovation Summit. The summit, running from March 19-20th, brings together dynamic, high-level digital marketing executives from around the world. This year’s speakers include leaders from Forbes, The New York Times, National Geographic, ESPN and CBS Interactive. The conference focuses on ... [Continue Reading]

Is Your Website Ready for Google’s New Mobile Ranking Index?

macbook air on desk

The pressure from Google is on. Whether you’ve been thinking about upgrading your site or you’re in the process of a mobile redesign, sooner is better than later. During the SMX Conference, Google’s Gary Lllyes hinted that sites will need to comply with Google’s standards for mobile usability by April 21 2015, or else face the consequences. April 21 is the day that the mobile-friendly tag will be ... [Continue Reading]

The Google Autocomplete Challenge: It Starts With An A


So here’s a game I made up. I decided to try and see what Google has to say about the A through Zs of digital marketing. The rules are as follows: I’m using Google.ca in an incognito tab and no Google accounts are signed into. The phrase “What is digital marketing” followed by a letter is typed in. I have to provide an answer to the results, no matter what the results are. I’m going ... [Continue Reading]

Announcing The Launch Of Our New Responsive Website

Think Profits New Homepage

We at Think Profits are excited to announce the launch of our new website! It’s been in the works for the last few months, and now it’s finally here. We wanted to give our visitors a clean new look, easy navigation and overall a better user experience and you’ll see that throughout our new site. To start with, we’ve redesigned our homepage. Now you can get all the information you’re looking for ... [Continue Reading]

Are User Reviews the Key to Better Local SEO?

Google Mapped Restaurant

There is no doubt about it; customer reviews have a huge impact on your business. Better customer ratings mark your business as trustworthy and influence customers to buy your product, stay at your hotel or enlist your services. Not only do ratings influence your customers, they also play a huge role in your local SEO ranking. So if your business has a higher rating and more customer reviews ... [Continue Reading]

Start Recruiting Students Using LinkedIn


Since the launch of LinkedIn’s University Pages in 2013, the number of schools represented on the site has gone from 200 to 25,000 in 2015. Designed as a guide for high school students choosing a university or college, University Pages have recently evolved to include services like decision boards, university rankings, field of study explorers and university finders. While called University Pages, ... [Continue Reading]

Google’s New Mobile Tags: Why Responsive Web Matters More Than Ever

Man Holding an IPhone

Mobile usability is an important and often explored subject here on the Think Profits blog. Mobile search is ever on the rise with marketers predicting that 2015 is the year that we will see mobile search surpass desktop. This move to mobile will have huge implications for companies who haven’t redesigned their website in years, especially as Google continues to tweak their algorithms with ... [Continue Reading]

Is Email Finally Dead?


If you're reading this now I got your attention. There are countless myths out there when it comes to email; for example, Monday is the best day to send an email, morning emails get faster responses, social media is replacing email, and of course the big one...email is dead. Sure social media rolled in like the new kid on campus, but Facebook can never completely take the role of email. The ... [Continue Reading]

Skip OTA Payouts with These 5 Marketing Tips


The relationship between Google AdWords and Online Travel Agencies is draining the pocket books of most hotel marketing departments. If you’re sick of paying OTA’s exorbitant fees it’s probably time to re-focus your online strategy and start driving organic traffic directly to your site. From content marketing to in-house offers, there are no limits when it comes to promoting your hotel’s ... [Continue Reading]

Referrer Spam: Messing With Your Traffic Without You Knowing

Spam Spam Spam

Yesterday our in-house SEO guy was going through Google Analytics, as one does on a Thursday afternoon, and he came across this: It sent him and by proxy myself down a rabbit hole. Semalt advertises itself as an SEO tool. Like the millions of other ones it promises: traffic, better rankings and all you have to do is sign up - simple as that. Yet why is it affecting our traffic? We didn't ... [Continue Reading]