Larry Rahn

About This Project

Larry Rahn is a leading downtown Vancouver Realtor®. He specializes in buying and selling condos for clients in all areas of Vancouver. The Vancouver Realtor industry is a highly competitive one, and Larry required a website that would appear on page 1 of search engine results pages and made it easy for buyers and sellers to choose him as their agent.


Larry Rahn’s original website was quite stark. Despite the fact that his website featured a well-produced video introducing himself to visitors, there was very little content and almost no SEO value. Links to his listings were sometimes outdated or broken and the URL of the website was, which did not brand his name.


Think Profits began by creating a domain strategy for him. The primary domain was chosen to be Other domains, including, were forwarded to his primary domain.

The website was redesigned to make it easier for both buyers and sellers to find what they were looking for. Listings of available properties in specific areas were made easy to find with a prominent left-hand navigation bar. Sellers could easily find information on how Larry works to get them top dollar for their property.

The copywriting team wrote new landing pages that targeted keywords such as “real estate agent Vancouver”, “realtors in Vancouver”, “realtors Vancouver”, “top Vancouver realtors” and “Vancouver realtor”.

Larry’s welcome video and property listing videos were placed on his new YouTube channel, and each were optimized with content, keywords and backlinks to his website.


Within months of launching his new website, Larry was ranking on page 1 of the Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines for keywords that included “real estate agent Vancouver, “top Vancouver realtors” and “realtors Vancouver”.

Larry has had enormous success with the website. In the first two years of his website launch, he has seen a sales increase of almost $5,000,000. He has mentioned in his own words, that “since launching the website, almost all of our leads complete in a final sale.”

Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to thank the entire team for all of your efforts during the last few months. I am very pleased with the entire process and the final result. I look forward to watching the emails from new potential clients come in during this year.”

Larry Rahn, Vancouver's Downtown REALTOR® Vancouver, BC, Canada