What if the Game of Thrones Characters had Social Media? Infographic!

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What if the Game of Thrones Characters had Social Media? Infographic!

Many of our staff here at Think Profits are huge fans of Game of Thrones. And for good reason, the show’s depiction of the human condition is unlike any other on TV.

The Game of Thrones characters are from a fantasy world but their pain, struggles, and journeys are relatable to all. The characters are so fully fleshed out they’re relatability surpasses the fantasy genre.

Game of Thrones Characters: They’re just like us!

While watching the new season, it got us thinking. What if all of these characters lived in the digital age? What Social Media Sites would they most enjoy?

Social Media Sites are known for their ability to draw a diverse crowd, but it’s also true that like minded people are also drawn to specific sites.

As a digital marketing agency with a specialization in Social Media Marketing, we’ve always known each social media site has its own individual identity.

But what makes the users of each social media network tick? Learning social media marketing is all about figuring out what motivates the average user of each network.

Learn the Secrets of Social Media Marketing with the Game of Thrones Characters

In every Game of Thrones episode, we as an audience are treated to a new understanding of the complexity, individuality, and uniqueness of each character.

As individuals, each of these characters is propelled by different motivations to fulfill their very different needs. If they lived in the digital age each of them would also be attracted to a different social media network.

Read below for our infographic about what it would be like to market to Game of Thrones characters if they were on social media!

Think Profits Social Media Game of Thrones Infographic

Want more? Yup, we can teach you more about Social Media Marketing!

Only the best of the best can win the game of social media. Let us be your Bannerman and fight for you with our awesome social media packages.


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