What is Clubhouse?

What is Clubhouse?

You might’ve heard of it by now; the app that everyone is talking about. But what actually is it?

Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is an audio-based social network app, only available to iOS users. Currently, it’s exclusive and operates as an ‘invite-only’ application. If you’re lucky enough to receive an invite, you’ll also gain two invites under your profile which you can hand out how you choose.

How Clubhouse Works

In Clubhouse, people can jump into rooms together and voice-chat (that’s right, no video)! Think of it as a live podcast type of scenario, with nothing recorded. People can speak freely, share knowledge, connect, or simply listen to the conversation. 

We know what you’re thinking. ‘With everyone in a virtual room together, wouldn’t people be talking over each other’? The answer is, no. They actually have a fairly well put together system for this.

Clubhouse has what they call ‘moderators,’ commonly known as ‘mods’ for short. You’ll see them with little green stars next to their photo. Moderators in a room basically control the flow of the conversation, and who is up ‘on stage’. 

The stage is where the speakers, well,…speak! If you’re not invited up to the stage, you’re in the audience, and you won’t have the ability to speak. You can raise your hand though, and the moderators can choose to invite you up to the stage to share your knowledge.

How Do You Start on Clubhouse?

When you log into the app, you’re automatically brought to what’s called your ‘hallway’. Here, you’ll see different rooms which you can choose to hop into. The rooms that show up in your hallway are largely dependent on who you follow. If someone you follow is in one of these rooms, you’ll likely see it in your hallway for you to have the opportunity to join.

When joining a room, you’ll get the option to ‘ping’ people who follow you by pressing the ‘+’ button. This gives them the option to join the room and listen in.

Getting started, you may want to use the search bar to explore people or clubs you wish to follow. This will help you build your hallway, and make it into something that truly interests you.

An important piece when starting is also to set up your own profile. You can find our tips on how to optimize your Clubhouse profile, who to follow, and how to use Clubhouse for your business in a future article of ours!

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