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About This Project

From inconsistent print ad buys to 100+ new calls per month from digital marketing!


Meet Kevin Korte, Owner & Director of Butler Plumbing



Butler Plumbing

Kevin Korte knew he wanted to take a “wrench” to his B2C sales challenges. After founding one of the leading service provider businesses in Edmonton, he knew that it was going to take more than word of mouth to reach his growth goals. As the Owner and Director of Butler Plumbing, his days are full of supporting clients and staying hands-on to support his growing team.


Executive Summary

In 2005, it was time for a change. After years of print-only advertising, Kevin’s in-depth knowledge of his local customers helped him quickly identify key opportunities in Butler Plumbing’s marketing. He turned to ThinkProfits to develop the company’s very first digital marketing campaign. The goal was to create an easy and effective for a digital advertising plan that would help expand Butler Plumbing’s impact and greatly increase ROI on expenditures.




“I didn’t know what SEO meant the first day I spoke to Shawn!


A lack of knowledge was my biggest obstacle to starting a campaign to grow.”


One of Kevin’s core strengths is knowledge of his clientele. In 2005, he could see that most of his customers were connecting with service providers online and didn’t feel that there was a clear way for Butler Plumbing to take advantage of the trends emerging in his local area.


Kevin’s primary goal for the campaign was simple: create an online presence that generated business!  A lack of support and information created a problem. It was obvious that professional support was required to create a campaign that would succeed…and allow him to focus on what he does best in the business. With each day, the brand was suffering an untold loss of potential revenue and market traction.


“The realization hit that people definitely weren’t using the phone book as much as they had in the past. We knew it was time…”


How ThinkProfits Helped


“It was clear from the beginning that Shawn had a few years of experience under his belt already. ”


From the first meeting, ThinkProfits began crafting a strategy based on making all aspects of Butler Plumbing’s long term profitability stronger. Shawn wasn’t interested in simply throwing money at Kevin’s strategic marketing problems. Creating infrastructure for future growth while developing comprehensive solutions for the now was what the team began to collaborate with Kevin on from the first day of the campaign.


“They offered the complete package. Digital marketing was new to a lot of companies I interviewed. This was a team of professionals. I knew that from the get go.”


For all clients, the first step ThinkProfits takes is to pinpoint exactly where to optimize and implements research-based procedures. This ensures that every campaign has a scalable, data driven blueprint to success with the client’s unique customer base.  


“Every time I need them, they are there as a team to support me.”  


From ground level changes with campaign creative and metrics reporting structure to high level strategic impact planning, the solutions that ThinkProfits proposed to Kevin were explained down the smallest detail.


The onboarding process was easy, filled with practical steps and simple instructions. Shawn carefully connected each action to Butler Plumbing’s overall growth priorities. ThinkProfits also provides clients a soundboard for ideas on positioning and brand rollout; from brainstorming to the analysis of trends.

Client Testimonial

“We hired Think Profits to conduct a thorough brand audit and needs assessment to improve Prestons Restaurant’s position in the market. We have since engaged them to assist with the newly developed brand marketing through SEO and a social media strategy. Their expertise has become instrumental in our online marketing decisions. We have engaged the Think Profits team and look forward to working long term with their firm.”

Judy Adams, Regional General Manager Coast Hotels

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