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Golf Ball Planet Case Study

Golf Ball Planet is a company that has been selling affordable used golf balls for over 20 years. Golf Ball Planet sells their products exclusively online through their ecommerce website, which was beginning to look pretty outdated and wasn’t getting the desired traffic. That’s when they hired Think Profits for a total rebrand, new ecommerce website and full digital marketing bundle.

New Logo

The service level is very high quality and there understandings of our actual needs as a business for our E-Commerce has been Top Notch! I would urge any company that is looking to get an up to date market evaluation on there current web site or new business idea to start with this team at THINKPROFITS.COM.

Lee Burgham, Owner

Executive Summary

In the period from February 1, 2020 to September 20, 2020 as compared to February 1, 2019 to September 20, 2019, Golf Ball Planet has seen the following results:

Organic Search traffic increase of 52.52%

Organic Ecommerce conversion rate increase of 211.09%

Organic Transactions up 376.49%

Organic Revenue increase of 298.78%

Paid Search traffic increase of 284.17%

Paid Ecommerce conversion rate increase of 104.27%

Paid Transactions up 673.94%

Paid Revenue increased of 515.10%


Golf Ball Planet owner Lee Burgham had been in the business for years and he knew his digital marketing strategy was out of date and that he was missing out on customers. He tried working with a few digital marketing agencies, but found that they were all flash and not a lot of substance, until he met with the team at Think Profits. Lee felt like he’d met professionals he could trust, and he hired Think Profits to help improve Golf Ball Planet’s ecommerce website and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to increase revenue.

How Helped

During the initial strategy session with Golf Ball Planet’s team, Think Profits recommended a new website and a full rebrand. Soon after, Golf Ball Planet had a whole new look, including a fully redesigned website as well as a new logo and branding. In addition to the brand refresh, Think Profits provided Golf Ball Planet with a marketing bundle including PPC, SEO, landing pages, monthly blog posts, and social media. All of this worked in tandem to bring Golf Ball Planet such major results that the team found themselves so flooded with orders, they could barely fill them. Not a bad problem to have!

The Results

Golf Ball Planet’s brand refresh and digital marketing strategy made a major positive impact on the company’s growth. After hiring Think Profits, Golf Ball Planet saw an overall revenue increase of 315.9% and an overall ecommerce conversion rate increase of 179.84%. Today, the business is thriving and the team is looking forward to continuing to work with Think Profits for a long time to come.

Services We Provided

Responsive Ecommerce Website Development

Logo & Branding

Online Marketing (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Social Media Marketing


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