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John Sadler Plumbing & Heating

About This Project

Case Study: John Sadler Plumbing & Heating

John Sadler Plumbing & Heating is a local, family-owned business that was founded over 40 years ago. After years of serving the Lower Mainland, the Sadler family was ready to grow their business, and so they decided to hire Think Profits for their marketing efforts.


Executive Summary

After bringing on Think Profits to implement a holistic digital marketing strategy that included SEO, PPC, blog writing, social media, a new website design, and more, John Sadler Plumbing & Heating soon saw their goal of growth coming to fruition. Here is a breakdown of the results:

  • A 62% increase in organic traffic after the first month
  • A 400% increase of top 3 rankings over 12 months (13 new)
  • 55 new top 10 rankings over 12 months
  • 4 times the organic web traffic in less than 6 months
  • 122 total ranking increases



The Sadler family are plumbers through and through. They know pipes, fixtures, and leaks better than anyone. Digital marketing, on the other hand, wasn’t their area of expertise, and with all of those leaky pipes needing repair, they simply did not have time to become experts in marketing. That’s when they realized they needed help and brought on Think Profits to take care of the digital marketing for the company.


How Think Profits Helped

For every client, Think Profits begins by pinpointing exactly where to optimize and implements research-based procedures. This ensures that every campaign has a scalable, data-driven blueprint to success, based on the client’s unique customer demographic.

In collaboration with the John Sadler team, Think Profits crafted a strategy based on making all aspects of John Sadler Plumbing & Heating’s long-term profitability stronger. This meant creating infrastructure for future growth while developing comprehensive solutions for the now through SEO, PPC, copywriting, blog posts, social media, and web design.


Results, Returns on Investments and Future Plans

After a total website redesign as well as a comprehensive digital marketing revamp that includes every aspect of digital marketing, from SEO to social media, John Sadler Plumbing & Heating saw a major bump in online traffic, website rankings, and overall reach. The team at John Sadler Plumbing & Heating has been able to rest easy knowing that the company’s digital marketing is in good hands, so they can focus on what their real passion is–plumbing and heating!