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Mail-O-Matic Services

About This Project

Mail-O-Matic is a highly successful direct marketing company which began operations in 1967. They provide mailing services and solutions to businesses and organizations from industry sectors all over North America. Over the years, they have accumulated multiple variations of sales collateral, marketing material and iterations of their logo.



Almost every important external marketing offline and online touch-point was using a different logo variation or corporate color scheme. This includes external building signage, vehicle decals, trade show booths, brochures, stationary, invoices and more. They all featured different corporate logos.

The situation drastically impacted the effectiveness of their overall external messaging and marketing efforts to increase brand awareness and recognition of their business. It also created confusion, stress and a major disconnect for their brand internally.



The solution was to realign and consolidate a new corporate logo and branding message.

A Branding Implementation Timeline Planner was created to identify and track all related tasks and deliverables. Individuals were assigned tasks, responsibilities and deadlines for timely implementation.



Mail-O-Matic’s new brand reach increased with website Search Engine Optimization for top of page search engine positioning. The re branding also reduced a significant amount of management stress, because everyone in the organization felt confident with the final implementation.

  • Re-branding: new logo and cohesive corporate identity designed and seamlessly implemented throughout the organization.
  • Re-design of marketing communications collateral: brochures, business cards, letterhead, invoices, etc.
  • New “Unique Selling Proposition” statement was developed to better support their revised brand more effectively.
  • All print advertisements redesigned with new branding.
  • Mail-O-Matic offices and their warehouse were updated with the new branding on exterior signage.
  • A Branded email signature was created and implemented for all staff emails.
  • A new corporate video was written, produced and edited.

As a Mail Services Provider, Mail-O-Matic’s organic SEO ranks them on page one, position one of Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Client Testimonial

“Really appreciated the breakdown of variations/versions of videos. Really helped in narrowing down applicable ideas to where we needed to be. Plus very beneficial as a 'picture is worth a thousand words.'”

Brenda Porter, Chief Operations Officer Mail-O-Matic Ltd.

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