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Sprott Shaw College

About This Project

Sprott Shaw was founded in British Columbia in 1903. Today, it thrives as one of the leading colleges providing excellence in post-secondary education to all students. Sprott Shaw”s modern campuses train more than 4500 students across 12 locations at any given time. All locations feature small class sizes and hands-on training with a friendly and suitable learning environment for adults of all ages.

Sprott Shaw helps students enhance and obtain employment after they’ve completed their studies, creating meaningful futures in high-growth industries and opening the door for life-long learning relationships.


  • Not all of the search engines were finding their website through either paid or organic searches.
  • 100% online market penetration was not being met.
  • Their digital marketing manager needed support for their content development.
  • Their brand messaging and educational programs being offered and their social media marketing needed consolidation and support to ensure they were using the social media sites to their full potential, and sending consistent brand awareness messaging.


  • Business listings were updated for the various locations and submitted to all search engines. Outdated business listings are one way for search engines to drop your rankings.
  • We created new ads to feature on search engines, as well as some of the social media sites, to help reflect their brand. These also got posted to digital marketing areas that had not been previously engaged.
  • With their in-house marketing team, we designed a plan that would assist them in keeping a close eye on campaigns and progress, with the ability to identify areas needed for improvement or to tweak their social media campaigns where and when needed.
  • Digital marketing audit & monthly consulting services are engaged. This will continually assist them with up-to-date technologies and support their content development initiatives. This will also help them with a comprehensive strategy so their in-house team can execute their targeted budget planning, while at the same time leveraging all their offline marketing expenditures to support all online resources needed.


Within months their search engine rankings had improved. Implementation of their social media campaigns and on-going management and content development ensures the direct connection to their brand messaging and educational program offerings is being met regularly.

SEO Results: On Page 1 of Google for over 32 placements with various keywords.

Client Testimonial

“Over the last decade I have worked closely with the Think Profits Digital Marketing team. Their expertise is one of the best in their industry, hands-down. They have become an extension of our in-house marketing team and continue to add value to our business as a trusted digital marketing agency. I am pleased to recommend Think Profits to any company that wants to take a serious approach to leveraging all of what the Internet can do for their business.”

Patrick Dang, President Sprott Shaw College