Digital Marketing Audits

Why Every Business Needs to Audit Their Online Strategy and Website

Auditing your website and online strategy is no longer optional. It is an absolute necessity every year or two in order to keep current with the latest in online marketing strategies, seo, advertising, lead conversion, analytics and much more. Uncover your companies pain points with a comprehensive hand written digital marketing audit. For example many clients come to us have questions like these: Why is my SEO not working any longer? How can we improve our click through and conversion with our online advertising and how is our website affecting that? How come we don’t get the same amount of leads any longer from our website? Why is our website so slow? How can we come up higher in search results? Why do I need to make sure my website works on mobile devices? If any of these questions resonate with you or if your current digital marketing strategy is not meeting your goals and expectations, then an audit will resolve these issues and reveal much more that you didn’t know and get you back on track again.

What Distinguishes Our Audits From Our Competitors?

Unlike our competitors all of our audits are completely hand written. Any one that sends you a free audit is simply a computer generated report. We bring your team over 20 years of experience in auditing websites and digital marketing strategies, technical implementation and advertising campaigns.

All audits are generated by a team of real people spending hours considering and researching your site, your competitors, and overall strategy. That same team then writes your unique report to take your business to the next level. In fact, we advise you what we would do as if your business was our own. We can even help implement the audit if you choose.

Our Audits cross no less than 8 individual desks with real experts. Your audit is then finalized with our CEO personally reviewing every recommendation from the team before signing off and putting our credentials and reputation on your report.

When Gorgeous Design Is Not Enough

The Internet Is Always Changing And You Have To Keep Up

Increased Traffic Leads to Increased ROI

Who Benefits From an Audit?

A Digital Marketing Audit Not Only Increases Overall ROI But Helps Your In-House Team Stay on Track and Achieve Your Goals

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers

  • Have you had it with false promises, missed deadlines, poor results and a lack of response from your web team and/or vendors?
  • Is it time to take back control and get better results with up to date solutions in digital marketing?
  • Do you want training and support, how and when you want it, without paying an arm and a leg for it?

Sales Managers

Sales Managers

So you have been asking the web person for two months to update the website content and fix your social media and your sick and tired of getting the same response which Is “Ya ya …I will get to it.” You feel this doesn’t accurately reflect your products or services and that it’s potentially hurting your prospecting and or sales. The more you think about it the more you realize if they can do this properly what else are they missing that’s hurting our business?
Presidents & CEOs

Presidents & CEOs

  • Are your online marketing efforts flatlining, or even worse, in decline or non-existent?
  • Does your Marketing Team need help with innovation and applying proven digital strategies for your company to compete?
  • Is it Time for a new approach to your digital marketing and website efforts?

Digital Marketing Audit Packages

Our audits can be custom tailored to meet all of your objectives. For example it may be strictly an online strategy or your may prefer to drill off on your full branding and offline strategy. Your auditor will review every detail of your audit and make sure each line item is in your deliverable.

  • Bronze

  • $1,999/mo
    • Provide you with a digital marketing audit questionnaire
    • Complete a review of your existing marketing strategy
    • Conduct an online reputation & 5-star rating review
    • Test your website security/vulnerability
    • Conduct a thorough review of your SEO

  • Silver

  • $4,999/mo
    • Everything included in the Bronze level, plus:
    • Review and optimize your unique selling proposition (USP) for the online market
    • Conduct an online analysis of your top 3 competitors
    • Conduct an email marketing review
    • Conduct a heat map overview of usage patterns on your website

  • Gold

  • $9,999/mo
    • Everything included in the Silver level, plus:
    • Conduct a test to measure the speed of your website download
    • Conduct a social media strategy review
    • Conduct a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy review
    • Provide an overview of your CRM and provide recommendations

  • Platinum

  • $19,999/mo
    • Everything included in the Gold level, plus:
    • Conduct a brand strategy creative session
    • Review all of your online/offline branding touch points
    • Create a brand touch points map for your online/offline marketing
    • Review your brand strategy guide and provide recommendations

Meet Our Digital Marketing Consultants

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Shawn Moore

President, CEO
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Brittni Chessa

Business Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I order?

A Think Profits Business Advisor will confirm your order and then book an appointment with your team and ours. You will be emailed our comprehensive, Digital Marketing Strategy Audit Questionnaire that will help us get acquainted with your company, your goals, and your existing marketing strategy.

What is required from me?

Fill in the questionnaire and email it back to us. You don’t have to be perfect, just fill in what you can. Attend your scheduled appointment by telephone or in person. Be receptive to new ideas and strategies. Bring your management team and key decision makers to the meeting to get the most value from our time together.

Who will be conducting my strategy consultation?

Your audit is a team effort. Our expert digital marketing consultants will work hand-in-hand to produce a thorough document using each of our areas of expertise.

What is the deliverable?

A detailed hand written report and plan, complete with strategy recommendations and a budget summary, vetted and approved personally by our President & CEO, Shawn Moore.

How does the 50% credit work?

It’s easy, you get half of the amount you paid for your audit credited to your account to be used for future marketing or web development services. It’s up to you.

What happens if I don’t have anything that’s been done in one area to review or audit?

We will consult with you 1 on 1 and help your team understand the benefits of that area and provide our recommended strategy for you to implement or not on that topic/line item.