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What is Instagram and How To Use Instagram For Business

What is Instagram

Instagram is a popular a photo-sharing app for smartphones. Originally a way to share artistic photos between friends using a variety of beautiful filters, it has grown into a primary location to view images and keep up with the lives of others. Users use it as a social platform to like and comment on friends photos and post their own pictures or videos to showcase their life. With a host of features that include live video sharing, ‘stories’ that display their past 24 hours, and direct messaging. Instagram has become its own social media platform, similar to Snapchat, it is intended solely for smartphones. With the ongoing growth of smartphone users it is important for businesses to know ‘what is Instagram?’

The App was purchased in 2014 for 1 billion dollars and has grown to be the 8th most used Social Media platform, as a result, becoming a place where users interact between each other and brands. Moreover, with 55% of users between 18 and 29, using Instagram is especially important for businesses that are looking for young consumers.

How To Use Instagram For Business

  • Uploading Content
    • Users can upload photos or videos with the intention of garnering a following and enticing potential customers. (Note: Links cannot be published to Instagram)
  • Edible Canada InstagramInfluencer Marketing
    • Companies can pay Instagram celebrities with larger followings to promote their product, these larger followings trust the opinions and choices of the Instagram celebrity making Influencer Marketing an effective method of selling a product or service.
    • This example is ThinkProfits Instagram account promoting to our followers the services of Edible Canada. Simple, subliminal, effective.
  • Sponsored Content
    • This is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) content, you can promote any post previously made on your account to appear on the feed of anyone within your demographics who could be a potential customer. If you have good content this will ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

How to Promote Your Business on Instagram

Any business that wants to stay relevant, and especially those that have younger demographics must look to Instagram as a tool to grow their reach. Social media marketing isn’t all about conversions, the benefits of increasing brand awareness and having a strong digital footprint cannot be understated as cornerstones of long-term success. Think Profits have specific software called the Think Reputation Dashboard and a service program to help any company accomplish their social media goals using the most effective professional methodology.