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Ecommerce Marketing Agency

Choosing the Right Ecommerce Marketing Company

When it comes to eCommerce, you have to drive traffic to your website for you to remain in business. But how do you attract people to your eCommerce website? The best way to do this is through online strategies such as SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Since you have to do this right to avoid messing up your reputation, you need to work with a trustworthy eCommerce marketing agency such as Think Profits.

If you would like to learn more about the right strategies to use to market your eCommerce platform, you can contact us!


Importance of Marketing Your Ecommerce Platform

There is a lot of competition in the eCommerce industry. Irrespective of the niche you are in, you will always encounter stiff competition, which is why you should have a solid marketing plan that helps you outrank your competitors, and get known to your target audience.

When you market your eComm platform using the right strategies, you will rank higher in search engine results pages for the products or services you are offering. Once you are up there in search engine ranks, you will easily get noticed by your audience, and this will increase traffic to your platform.

To help you get it right with your marketing strategies, it is important that you work with a digital marketing agency for eCommerce. An eCommerce marketing agency has experts with enough experience and knowledge to propel your eComm site to the first page of search engines.


How to Market Your E-Commerce Company to Increase Traffic

When it comes to eCommerce marketing, you need to have an all-inclusive plan that targets different platforms. Here are some of the strategies the best eCommerce marketing companies use:


  • Search Engine Optimization


An online store should appear on the first page of search engine results for its customers to find it. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your online store to rank high so as to enjoy organic traffic from search engines.

What does SEO marketing entail? It mainly involves identifying the common keywords and phrases your target audience uses to look for products or services you are offering and optimizing these keywords in your content, URLs, and product descriptions. This boosts your ranking in search engines such as Google. 

Therefore, whenever a customer uses the keywords you have ranked for in their search, your store will be among the results ranking for the keyword.

The best thing about using this strategy is that it targets customers who are in a buying mood. This means that customers who are searching for your products using keywords you have ranked for are ready to buy. Without SEO, your site will be hidden in deep pages of search engines, and your target audience might not even know it exists.

In other words, SEO increases the visibility of your website on search engine result pages, which leads to increased traffic, leads, and sales.

TIP: Since SEO is a vast field that goes beyond identifying and optimizing keywords, we recommend that you work with a reputable eCommerce SEO agency to have an all-encompassing strategy.


  • Pay-Per-Click Ads


SEO will help increase the visibility of your website in the long-run, but what should you do in the short-run as you wait for your keywords to rank organically? This is where pay-per-click (PPC) advertising comes into play.

PPC advertising, when done right, can generate traffic for your eCommerce website as you wait for your SEO efforts to bear fruit.

Essentially, PPC is a way of buying traffic to your site, rather than going the usual way of earning traffic organically.

Some of the ad campaigns you can run include;

  • Retargeting ads. These are ads displayed to visitors who have shown an interest in a product. Retargeting ads should show a sense of urgency and convince people that the product they had viewed is worth further consideration.
  • Social media ads. These are ads of products displayed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can use video ads, image ads, or even carousel ads. These ads not only help to popularize your store on social media platforms but also help to increase sales since you will be displaying your most in-demand products in your ads
  • Display ads. These are banner ads shown on different advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Google Shopping ads, etc. Consumers often ignore these ads, and thus it is important to have copy and an image that attract attention. 

These are some of the ads that should be in your PPC campaigns. As easy as they may seem to run and manage, PPC ads are ineffective if you are not targeting the right keywords. A lot of marketers have even branded PPC as a “dead marketing strategy,” but it is still very effective. You just need the right guidance from experts in eCommerce PPC management. 

Choose Think Profits as your eCommerce PPC agency. We can help you target the right keywords for your PPC campaigns.


  • Content Marketing


An eCommerce company should have a blog where they share valuable content online. Search engines love quality, relevant content, and by having a blog for your eCommerce site, you can rank higher.

Your blog posts should include different types of content, including text, video, infographics, and images. 

With useful content, you can create loyal customers who will see you as an authority in your niche and thus will trust your product recommendations. Again, an eCommerce marketing company can guide you on how to go about content marketing. 


  • Email Marketing


After you have shared quality content on your blog, the next thing is to create an email list where you can share your posts.

Add a signup form on your blog and eCommerce website and encourage visitors to sign up to your email list to get updates on new products, coupons, discount codes, and other promotions. You can also add an option for people to subscribe to your email list when they are checking out after making a purchase.

Email marketing can help to drive traffic to your eCommerce platform and increase conversion. This is all you need for your eComm website, right?


  • Social Media Marketing


Virtually everyone with internet access is on social media, which is why you should intensify marketing your online store on major social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media offers a great opportunity where you can hold product launching events, promotions, and contests to promote your eComm platform.

You can also use social media to grow your fan base and encourage customer feedback. Positive testimonials and feedback can help encourage other people to visit your eCommerce website. 

Look for the best eCommerce marketing agency to help you draft an effective social media marketing strategy.


So, Why Should You Work with an Ecommerce Marketing Agency to Market Your EComm Store?

Outsourcing your online store marketing task to an eCommerce marketing agency has many benefits. You are able to tap into the experience, skills, and new perspectives of digital professionals who are all dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

Here is what you will gain by working with an eCommerce digital marketing agency;


  • Access to Skilled Experts


Building your in-house team to take care of your online store marketing is quite impossible for many businesses. This is because the skills you need as an eComm store are too expensive, and maybe you are not in a financially stable position to hire different people to handle various tasks.

Besides, campaigns that you run often change time after time- for example, you may be focused on SEO and branding at the start of the year, then later focus on paid advertising and social media towards the end of the year.

An eCommerce digital marketing agency has employees that specialize in each aspect of eComm marketing, and thus can handle different tasks for your online store.


  • Gain New Perspectives


If you rely on your in-house team for all your online store marketing needs, you will only be reliant on the experience they have. This may not be a problem at the start, but later on, you may need to diversify to get new ideas.

Ecommerce marketing agencies deal with businesses and companies in different industries and thus have a lot of exposure that can benefit your brand. You can tap into this expertise, exposure, and insight to make your store stands out.


  • Scale Your Business


As your online store becomes known and sales begin to increase, your focus and operations need to change to suit the growth. An eCommerce marketing agency is able to adapt to these changes because they possess experience in resolving issues that arise when a business is rapidly growing, such as knowledge of tools for automating various processes.

This will enable you to focus on improving the efficiency of different processes, including order processing and management.

There are many benefits of working with an eCommerce marketing agency in marketing your online store. Leaving the work of marketing your store to a reputable agency will help you scale your business further.


How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Digital Agency to Work With

There are many top eCommerce agencies, and finding the right one for your online store can be a daunting task. Keep in mind that the best eCommerce digital marketing agency should handle all your online store marketing work as well as help you grow revenue by extending your traffic sources.

The agency you choose should have the experience and expertise needed to handle eCommerce marketing. You can ask for information on the online stores an agency has worked with. Check reviews and testimonials of previous customers as well.

An agency track record will say a lot about their potential for helping you reach your online marketing goals.


What Makes Think Profit Stand Out as One of the Top Ecommerce Marketing Company?

Think Profits is not your ordinary eCommerce marketing agency. We focus on partnering with online stores for growth. Each member involved in the marketing of your store must learn the ins and outs of your business as if it were their own. That way, we are able to understand your objectives and goals to create a marketing strategy tailored to your store’s specific needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all online marketing strategy. We know that we cannot help every business online, which is why we have narrowed down to partnering with eComm stores. Our experience in marketing online stores has made us a top eCommerce marketing agency, and so you can rest assured that we will lead your online store to its most profitable year yet.

Here at Think Profits, we are results driven. We measure everything and let you know the progress. We let our results speak for us.

Also, we will not overwhelm you with technical jargon to show you that we are experts. We simplify our language when explaining the strategy we are going to use to make sure both of us are on the same table regarding the direction we will take.

Talk to us for more information about your online store marketing. We will help you create a custom eCommerce marketing plan that will propel your online store to the top.