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ThinkSeo 7.0

One of the services that we take pride in above all else here at Inc. is our ability to significantly increase our client's search engine ranking results. We've helped thousands of clients from many different industries get their website on page one position one of major search engines such as Google, Bing, and even YouTube. We are pleased to announce that we have simplified this process and have made it available to you in the form of our Think SEO software platform.

Think SEO 7.0 will enable your website to become fully optimized for increased indexing capabilities on all of the main search engines. The platform will analyze every corner of your website, identifying key optimization points which will result in an increase in Google and Bing search engine ranking. There are roughly fifty different areas where SEO ranking can increase in your website's coding, and our Think SEO software will utilize and optimize all of those areas.

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My name is Timothy Serrano, and I'm an internet marketing strategist for Most of our customers come to us, and they don't appear on page one of Google.

When we build your website, we make sure that search engines can easily read your content, its relevance and usefulness to your user for page one ranking on Google.

We monitor your websites performance by sending you a monthly SEO report which contains your primary keywords and their improvement.

If your keywords are not performing at an optimal level, we make sure we recommend the best course of action to bring your pages to page one of Google.

Here is what you can expect when you choose to implement our Think SEO software to your website:

  • Constant updates result in Think SEO 7.0 always being up-to-date on all of the latest search engine algorithm changes, saving you a tremendous amount of time trying to keep on top of it yourself.
  • Over 1400 companies have already benefited in a major way from the Think SEO software platform. This product has been directly responsible for over hundreds of millions of dollars of extra income for our clients.
  • Easy integration into Google Urchin and additional reporting metrics so that your reporting results are clear, concise, and customizable.
  • Some of the many different areas where SEO can trigger include: keywords, page architecture, domain names, meta-tags, images, videos, and much more.
  • Full integration compatibility with all other Think Suite 7.0 products.

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What Our Clients Say

This has been key for putting our website in front of the right audience. It is great to have traffic but it is profitable to have the right traffic.

Glen Dobson, Business Development Manager
Euro-Rite Cabinets Ltd.

Since publishing the site our web generated lead count and job closes has increased dramatically. Also our Google positioning has moved to page 1 for all our primary key word search terms. The subsequent web review meeting has proved to be very useful. For the first time in our company we feel that we are in control of this incredible marketing tool.

Ken Mayhew, President
Penfolds Roofing Inc.

Shawn's team is at the top of their game providing both a quality product with professional delivery.

Greg Krushel, President
Crucial Roof