What is Facebook and Using a Facebook Business Page

Reach Out to Over One Billion Registered Accounts on Facebook, Social Media’s Market Leader

Facebook is the most popular free social networking website by number of active accounts. Registered users create profiles, upload photos, videos, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Facebook currently has over 1 billion active users, according to Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO at Facebook. Moreover, 1/7th of the world population used Facebook in a single day! Having a strong online presence is the 21st century equivalent of a storefront and knowing ‘what is Facebook’ is important. Many potential customers will see your Facebook so if used correctly it can attract business and be a key tool for future growth.


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Facebook is the premier social networking website, with the possibility to engage all audience demographics having a strong Facebook presence is important. With numerous ways to engage audiences, here are the primary ways businesses keep in contact with customers:

How to Utilize a Facebook Business Page

  • Posting content – Keep those who follow your page up-to-date!
    • Relevant links
    • Images
    • Company information (events, special offers)
  • Liking or ‘Reacting’
    • People connect with companies by ‘liking’ their page and staying up-to-date with all posted content.
    • Facebook users also ‘react’ to content through liking it or expressing how they feel. Helping boost the popularity of a post organically.
  • Sharing
    • Users have the ability to share content to their own profile and subsequently their network of friends. This action is both rare and the most effective organic method of advertising.
  • Reviews
    • Reply and interact with your reviewers to ensure a 5-star rating, thus increasing trust in your brand.

Using content uploading effectively is how the biggest and smallest businesses have constant interaction with all potential customers. To boost the potential of reaching new and relevant audiences, companies have the ability to advertise on Facebook. This is called Pay-Per-Click advertising as every time a link is clicked, the company pays a small fee for the lead.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Benefits

  • Select an audience who fall within your company demographics.
  • Create an eye-catching image or video to display on Facebook’s ‘news-feed.’

All things considered, Pay-Per-Click is both an effective way to keep your network engaged, and a great way to find new potential leads who otherwise would not have thought about your business. Therefore, money is well-spent when a Facebook advertising campaign goes well; you can budget the exact amount you are willing to pay and only spend money on the people who were willing to click on your ad.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

  • Facebook has its own social search engine to compete with Google and others, making it possible to take a search query and return search results that are tailored to the individual’s profile on Facebook.
  • When all listings are consistent across social media platforms search engines like Google will be able to provide all the necessary information on the front page. Therefore, anybody looking for your company, or keywords associated can contact you.
  • If Facebook posts include links to your company’s website, search engines are more likely to place your website higher than the competition.

Why Every Business Needs a Facebook Page

In conclusion, a Facebook presence is vital to long-term success for any business because every post is an opportunity. When using the features provided, keeping all your information up-to-date, and making sure your network is constantly being interacted with your company’s digital presence will have a strong hand in boosting business.

Think Profits can you help by taking out the guesswork, providing everything a company needs to succeed on all social media platforms.