What is Twitter and Using a Twitter Business Account

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a popular social networking website, also known as a ‘microblogging’ website that gives users a platform to talk to millions in as few characters as possible. Creating a Twitter business account works similar to a personal account, Twitter functions using a 140 character limit, it is a place where individuals can read news, posts from friends, companies, and track celebrities, all in a condensed ‘feed.’ Understand ‘what is Twitter’ to the average user and your company will have an easier time acquiring new clientele.

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With over 300 million users, Twitter ranks as the 3rd most popular social media platform and a necessary tool for businesses to stay relevant. If used correctly it gives any business the chance to reach their clients in a friendly way using interesting information. From driving website traffic to increasing brand awareness, Twitter is a powerful part of ensuring your brand has a strong ‘voice’ online with anyone who could be a potential client.

Utilizing Twitter

  • Organic Content Creation – keep those who follow your page up-to-date!
    • Relevant links
    • Images
    • Company information (products, events, special offers)
    • Short Videos

Like any Social Media platform, writing content and uploading effectively is how the biggest and smallest businesses ensure they find and attract potential leads. Everyone exists on the same platform, it is how you differentiate yourself and build a following that makes the most impact.

  • Paid Advertising
    • Target ad campaigns to reach a niche group or global audiences, anyone who may fall within your targeted demographic, therefore can be specifically targeted
      • Promoted Tweets – These push tweets of your choice to appear in timelines of relevant individuals.
    • Increase Website Traffic
      • Drive people to your website to sell a product or simply increase traffic, this requires designing an enticing ‘tweet.’
    • Increase followers on Twitter
      • To grow a twitter account it is important to grow the following. Anyone can pay to promote their page. Thereby, making it appear as a suggestion in the home pages of people who already follow similar pages.

The most effective way to grow social media accounts is to work with an advertising budget. Twitter will let you reach the people who don’t know about your business and have the potential to be a client.

For business’ your presence is vital to long-term success, every post is an opportunity, ThinkProfits can you help by constructing posts with a variety of industry methods that ensure your demographics are reached. These range from our software with ThinkReputation Dashboard, to hashtag optimization, and curated posts to fit your business.