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What is Google Plus For Business

Engage Your Company Branding and Presence on Google+, Google’s Very Own Social Media Site

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus is a highly underrated and misused social media platform. Using Google Plus for business is similar to other variants of social media, it provides anyone with a Google account the ability to connect on the platform. Too often businesses will neglect using this service and put their time into more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus may not have a comparable active user base, but it certainly has many benefits for businesses to connect with customers and prospects. Knowing ‘what is Google Plus’ can provide growth to any brand.

First and foremost, Google Plus presents the same feature as any social network by connecting a community of customers, with other users who may be potential customers. However, it has a significant impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  and search traffic volume. If you would like your company to become more discoverable, using Google is how that is accomplished. Increasing a company’s ranking in Google is extremely important, as less than half of people will click beyond the first page. More importantly, using Google Plus will give Google all the relevant information to keep your listing up to date, making sure you are discoverable when your service is searched, and ensuring you will appear to anyone who wants to find you.

How to Use Google Plus for Business

  • Posting content
    • Relevant business links
    • Images
    • Company information (products, events, special offers)
    • News or Industry Trends

Using content uploading effectively is how keywords become related to your company, and your authority on certain subjects is created and maintained.

  • Paid Advertising Services
    • +Post Ads – Pay to promote valuable Google+ content as an ad on relevant third-party websites (Page must have at least 1,000 followers)
    • AdWords – Managing campaigns uses an AdWords account, this lets you promote posts, even integrate with Facebook.

Google+ is integrated into Google’s ecosystem and therefore so are the advertising services. It is an extension of all their offerings and as such running a campaign means integrating with their other services to reach the optimal demographic.

Think Profits social media experts can you help by constructing posts with best-practices and ensure the relevant demographics are reached. From organic to paid, we offer a variety of services that can ensure Google Plus works for your business.