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What is YouTube and Using YouTube for Business

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-sharing website that makes it easy to watch online videos. Users can also upload their own videos to share with others. This has resulted in billions of user-created videos, fundamentally changing entertainment and how people consume it. Created in 2005  it now has over 1 billion unique monthly visitors, ranking second among all social media platforms as one of the most popular sites on the web today. The first step in using a YouTube channel for business is knowing ‘what is youtube?’ and giving your customers or potential customers the chance to view your product and learn about it.

Opening gives users a host of popular content to choose from or they can browse via keyword to find particular content. This collection of videos works in a similar way to Google, giving anyone the ability to search and find exactly what they are looking for. Every user has their own channel and the ability to like, comment or favourite another users video, they can also ‘subscribe’ to a channel and receive updates whenever that channel uploads new content. With a variety of other features such as uploading, sharing, and playlists, YouTube is the ultimate marketplace for video consumption.

How to Use YouTube for Business

  • Uploading Content
    • Anyone can upload a video to YouTube, and if correctly optimized, these video’s will appear to those looking for them.
      • Popular videos for companies are typically informing customers about how to use their product.

Uploading interesting content is the single most important aspect of using YouTube, if the content created is interesting enough it will encourage the viewer to make an action on the video (like, comment, subscribe) and potentially end with purchasing the product.

  • Paid Advertising
    • YouTube advertising is done via AdWords, you can ensure you only pay when ads are clicked or when a certain amount of the ad is viewed by the person watching.
      • In-Stream
        • Video adverts play before the video, after 5 seconds a user can skip you pay if they don’t skip and watch 30 seconds.
      • In-Slate
        • Gives the viewer the option to choose between three adverts and you pay if they choose yours.
      • In-Search
        • Similar to ad-words these videos are placed at the top of certain pages when your keyword is chosen.
      • In-Display
        • These can appear on any YouTube video, even those that are embeded into other sits. Advertisers only pay when an image is clicked on.

What is YouTube Marketing

Like any pay-per-click program, your ads are targeted toward the specific demographic, interest category, or keyword. Thereby giving businesses the ability to find viewers who otherwise would not have seen their video and could potentially be a customer.

Because YouTube is owned by Google, having a YouTube account is a compliment to any business and important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If your business would like to reach their consumers with content using a more visual medium than text, YouTube is the platform to use.

The most effective way to grow social media accounts is to work with an advertising budget. Twitter will let you reach the people who don’t know about your business and have the potential to be a client.

For business’ your presence is vital to long-term success, every post is an opportunity, ThinkProfits can you help by constructing posts with a variety of industry methods that ensure your demographics are reached. These range from our software with ThinkReputation Dashboard, to hashtag optimization, and curated posts to fit your business.